The Republican Insurrection

Stimulus money wasn’t free…ijs

Had it been black lives matter or antifa would you have asked for a favor? If they were Asian or Latino would you have asked for a favor? If it was Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer himself would you have asked for a favor. How many favors do you need? How many have we given? Afraid to show the world the inner workings of WHITE SUPREMACY? Afraid for the world to find out who funded that attempted destruction of congress and america?

Mcconnell going through such measures to stop the jan. 6th commission forces the Republican party to take responsibility and own the insurrection.


As a personal favor to himself not the party, not the country, but to himself! Mitch Mcconnell asked that the Republican Senate not look into an incident in which congress members and the vice President was under deadly threat from a white nationalist mob. I do not understand why this request should be honored by any republican. We have watched our country and Republican party burn under Mcconnell while his family friends moved boat loads of cocaine, as he accepted awards from white supremacist, as him and his wife are under investigation for using the NTSB (National Transportation Saftey Board) fund improperly . Flooding the halls of our democarcy with an old boys club air of smug pride that only comes from excessive privilege maintained over years. Cutting programs to divert the funds to buddy interest which you recieve kick backs from.

people lost their lives. a Secert Service officer killed a woman on sacred soil. Who are you protecting? yourself? White surpemacy? Capitol Police officers are losing their lives. How about we ask Bob Mueller to do it. It would be fair right? How could you deny the request of a greiving mother with a request of a favor.

You owe every law enforcement agent across this country an apology. You let your theatrics get out of hand and we lost men. Honest hard working men. If you are protecting white supremacy know january 6th made white supremacy look petty and weak. What fool agreed that letting Trump profit off of the Republican platform was a good idea.

Your corruption has left the country open to attacks. You have let the Republican party become the party of racism and hate. you are no conservative leader. Unable to address any serious situation or form any true vision or direction for the party, but old ways the world is rapidly out pacing. The audacity of your favor!! How many officers suffered injuries, but you need a favor. You betrayed all the Republicans hitching your horse to such a corrupt wagon and now America must get what comes with that wagon. Murdered minorities, propaganda pshyops, all these covert things to disrupt and destabilize thiriving endeavors. as if its not noticed.

You tell us to hate our Government, because we the people are the Government!!! You need us to hate ourselves so you and your devils can rule over us. We the people have the power to change things when we do not fall for the trickery, lies and deceptions. The idea of white supremacy is falling apart, because its based on hate and racism; you want to break up the country. Giveing the states back sole rights to create laws. What an outrageous statement to make on the senate floor. No real reason for why it occurred, only the selfish phrase “I NEED A FAVOR.

It seems that running a Country is not taken serious any longer. It seems we can put anybody in the white house these days. The out of touch privileged like caitlyn jenner, who said that his friends had to leave California because the homelessness was too bad. Imagine having the power resources and money to change things; only to say it isn’t my problem. If civil duty isn’t the responsibility of the rich then to whom does this duty lye? Same as republicans such a large platform with an ununified and hateful messege. Devils pretending to be righteous.

As these new republicans make their way to Congress with prejudice towards anything they seem as infringing on white Christian values. Who have taken a position as the jew-ish (khazar) people currently in Israel now have, that all races are a threat to the sanctity, sovereignty and culture of white supremacy and zionism. Which is why both are similar in nature, infrastructure and objective. The republican party is on the wrong side of history. Continuing this path only leads to civil war.

The fact Dirty Mitch had to ask for a favor shows his weakness. A figure head for the republican party. A party taking orders and campaign money from the kkk and Nazis all which can’t progress due to the nature of its business. Infecting a party now out of control with crime, assaults, sexual vagrants, racist, pedophiles and all other manners of unholy demons!!! . As i have said in my other articles this party is being run by non- Americans and its showing through out the country. Blocking that inquisition only cements the fact that “THE REPUBLICAN PARTY ARE ENEMIES TO AMERICAN SOVEREIGNTY.”